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TIAC, The International Advisory Council, is dedicated to finding solutions to the underlying causes of human trafficking such as poverty, at-risk youth, runaway, inequality, religion, regional mores and norms, homelessness and more. We believe human trafficking is eradicable only by addressing and ending the causes of trafficking. Therefore, the experts, fixers, problem-solvers, and activists invited to join IAC are individuals who understand the risks and challenges in their region and the resources needed and available. They have solved at least one of the aforementioned key problems, regardless of location or scale. They are individuals with answers and, we need them to help implement their solutions on a global scale.



Our programs are operated with minimal overhead, but there are still costs associated with all of our programs.  In order for us to continue to offer these services at no or little cost to the public, we rely on your generosity. Please consider giving today. You don’t have to give much–the price of a lottery ticket, a fast food sandwich, a movie. Make an powerful and lasting impact on the world around you.

Freedom First Coalition is an international 501(c)3 human rights organization. We were founded on the basic principles of community service and social welfare. Our mission is to promote these principles throughout the world by mobilizing and coordinating services, programs, activists, leaders, and governments in order to facilitate unity, collaboration, innovation, and best practices resulting in safer communities, protected children, greater equality, and more hope.

We focus on preventing human right violations, facilitating and coordinating victim services, and addressing the underlying causes of human trafficking.